Chvad SB “GUT: Original Motion Picture Score”

record date: 2011
release date: 10-01-2012
written, recorded and produced by: Chvad SB
label: Facility Records
original poster art: Mike Pappa
photography: Will Serber
layout and design: Elias and Chvad SB
all images: Courtesy of Gut Productions, LLC
availability: CD Baby,  Band Camp

track list:
1. Let’s Hang Out
2. Shower Staring Sleeping
3. The Lonely Diner
4. The Talk
5. Under Skin
6. Tense At Work
7. Poison
8. The Second Viewing
9. Love Your Wife
10. Third Time’s the Charm
11. The Transition
12. Detachment
13. Close to Home
14. The Conversation
15. From a Distance
16. The Call the Fight
17. Drive
18. The End of Things

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