Jeremiah Muzzle

Jeremiah MuzzleNote: Jeremiah contacted Facility Records in 2012 asking about our demo submission policy. Generally speaking we don’t sign artists but he insisted that he wanted no compensation for his “recordings” and that his only concern was that the recordings getting distributed. Jeremiah sent us tapes of what appear to be children’s songs and a few web links. That’s all we know. We pulled this bio from his Facebook page. The album will be release early 2012.

Jeremiah wasn’t born, he was exhumed. From whereabouts of unknown origin, legend has it that a childs body was unearthed from an abandoned cemetery somewhere in Illinois. When threatened by locals, the couple responsible left the state. That’s the story told around parts of rural Illinois. It wasn’t until years later after the collapse of Lehman Brothers that a “Jeremiah Muzzle”, real name currently unconfirmed, started to surface. Reports of people receiving digital transmissions from a Jeremiah Muzzle claiming to know who they were, revealing intimate details, began to appear. Those reports didn’t specify if the messages were threatening more so than scary. When asked about the nature of the message, one recipient who has chosen to remain anonymous stated that, “I was just scared. I don’t even know if that a**hole even knows me for real but something about him. Something… I don’t know. It terrified me so I reported him to local authorities. They of course dismissed it as nothing more than an Internet scam.”. Lehman Brothers employment records have a Jeremiah Minks from Rochester, Minnesota on file. The same Jeremiah Minks also attended Yale. Whether or not they are the same person is not known. If Minks is in fact Muzzle, it seems that failure and rejection have defined every facet of his life. His wife Susan Minks seems to have passed away only months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. No other records seem to exist on Mrs. Minks. Shortly after his job ended, Minks disappears. This is all assuming there is a connection between Minks and Muzzle in the first place. Who Jeremiah Muzzle is is still uncertain. This page has been created to warn people that a potentially threatening person might be trying to enter their lives. Please proceed with caution.

Jeremiah Muzzle